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How to Mend a Broken Heart

When suffering from heartache, the first wish one has is to make the pain go away. Heartbreak is a type of emotional pain that really, really hurts. In fact, it is so bottomless; it hurts almost as much as a real physical blow. Unfortunately, and as much as I hate to say it, there is no bandage for a broken heart. As much as a cliché as it is, time is a much-needed remedy to heal from such heart-wrenching pain. In time, the pain will subside. Until then, however, here are some tips to alleviate the pain that you are now feeling:

It is a fact of life: you are going to feel like complete rubbish for the first few weeks. In fact, if you are a very emotional person, you may end up crying non-stop for days. But you know what? Go ahead. A huge and painful change has just happened in your life; no one should expect you to be able to turn off those sad feelings like a switch. It’s just not that simple. Grieve for your loss through the act of crying. But remember not to do it for too long! If you revel in the past for too long, you will just end up getting even more hurt.

Find a shoulder to cry on, preferably of a person who cares about you and your feelings. By sharing your pain with another individual, you will be able to cleanse your soul. Let them comfort you, listen to you, and offer you advice. Even if you have no intentions of following their advice, simply sharing this comfort will make you feel better. Grieving is essential and knowing someone is there for you will help you move on faster with their help. Read more »